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What is a Sleep Consultant?

Updated: Jan 10

As soon as you announce you are expecting, you get bombarded with advice (solicited and unsolicited) on everything from bottles, cribs, feed/sleep schedules, and birth options. What we hear the most is to sleep now because you won’t be getting much for the next 18 years!  While this is meant in jest it hits a chord that many families struggle with.  Sleep is important for the health and development of our child and for the health and well-being of the family. There are many thoughts, feelings, and opinions on children and their sleep.

If you feel you have read EVERYTHING and follow ALL the tips on social media, why would hiring a Sleep Consultant help your family? The purpose of a sleep Consultant is to educate families on sleep hygiene, biological and age-appropriate sleep needs, review/tweak the timing of the day and night sleep, give guidance on overnight feeds, and support the family through the new patterns of sleep.   They are also cheerleaders, create sustainable patterns, and help you decode what a baby is communicating about their sleep. 

In addition, they assess the sleep environment to ensure it is sleep conducive, so the brain is open to taking in the new patterns easier to help your baby fall asleep consistently. They also review safe sleep practices, transition guidance to the crib from bassinet (or crib to big kid bed), and how to frame sleep for our preschoolers in their big kid bed so they are confident in the new sleep routines.

What to look for in a Sleep Consultant?

I 100% believe whoever you work with, that person must be the right fit for your family! I recommend reaching out to at least two Consultants to get different views/approaches on how they work with families.  Most sleep consultants have a complimentary Discovery Call that allows you both to get to know each other, make sure you all align and are a good fit, get more information on what is happening sleep-wise, answer questions on how they serve families and their overall process.

Here are a couple of tips to ask on calls:

1) What age do they serve

2) Experience and sleep philosophy/approach with the age of your child

3) Certification received

4) What they feel is the best sleep service based on your needs

Why should I use a Sleep Consultant?

As with anything in life, there comes a point that we all may need help with something.  There have been points in my parenting journey when I reached out to experts to help my family when we hit a wall and needed guidance.  These people have been either in our life briefly or long term and they have made a big impact on my family.

Sleep is a piece of our health and necessary for the entire family.  If you feel that you have exhausted all avenues or want to start with that solid foundation from the get-go, a Sleep Consultant may be the right fit for your family.  As always do your research, ask the parents in your playgroup or on the playground, inquire with your wellness partner (Pediatrician/Doula/Midwife/Chiropractor), and let’s make asking for help when we need it a strength to be celebrated!

If sleep is a struggle for your family and you would like to chat about how I serve families, schedule a complimentary DISCOVERY CALL so that I can get more information on what is happening sleep-wise, and you can get your questions answered. 

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Sleep Well!

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