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Meet Mary

Hi! I’m Mary Cantwell, and I am glad you are here! I was once in your shoes – exhausted and sleep deprived. With my first baby, I was a new mom who felt helpless, drained, and struggled with his sleep. This is what led me down the path of becoming a certified sleep consultant.

I am a planner and during my first pregnancy, I devoured every book on birth, sleep and what to expect when the baby comes that I thought I could handle this parenting thing. I was wrong.

The first few months were consistent for a newborn from the sleep side. He was up every 2 to 3 hours, and I got a glorious 4- to 5- hour stretch towards the end of the third month. Then he threw me for a loop. Suddenly, out of the blue, he started waking up more times at night, and then sleep seemed to be all over the place! After months of my husband, Matt, and my trying different strategies to get him back on track, we both hit a wall. We were exhausted – this could not keep going on. It was affecting our son, our marriage, our health, our work; it was torture!

I remember how helpless I felt during that time. I researched, read and studied until I became a certified expert on sleep. I discovered my passion for sleep and I knew I had to serve other struggling families. I had the opportunity to train with world-renowned sleep consultant Deborah Pedrick. I received my child sleep certification from the Family Sleep Institute after completing 250+ hours of course work (3 times more than any other program).


Now I have the privilege to serve families around the country and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to

support them on their sleep journey. I look forward to working with your family!


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