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Hi, I’m Mary Cantwell and I am glad you found Rest To Your Nest!


I was once in your shoes – exhausted and sleep deprived. With my first baby, I was a new mom who felt helpless, drained, and struggled with his sleep. This is what led me down the path of becoming a certified sleep consultant.

The transition into motherhood was not the easiest for me.  I am a type A personality (now a recovering type A!) and I read all the things to be "prepared" for motherhood.  While reading and reality didn't exactly line up for me.  Also, looking back, I most likely was experiencing unbeknownst postpartum anxiety that didn't' help with the lack of sleep and learning to be a parent.  I really wished for a village!

It was during that chapter in my life that I developed my passion for helping families on their sleep journey. If I had asked for helped, or at least been open to it, my family would have been more rested and mentally and physically in a better place faster. 

I researched, read and studied until I became a certified expert on sleep. I discovered my passion for family sleep and I knew I had to serve other struggling families. I had the trained with world-renowned sleep consultant Deborah Pedrick and I received my child sleep certification from the Family Sleep Institute after completing 250+ hours of course work (3 times more than any other program)

mary cantwell

Now I have the privilege to serve families around the country and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth   

area. I look forward to working with your family!

FSI certification

Featured In:

Dallas Fort Worth North Texas Child
Dallas Fort Worth Channel 5
Child Best 2018
Dallas Child Best
Child Best 2020
The Tot
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