Mary is an absolute lifesaver! I can't even begin to say how happy we are with our entire experience with Mary.  She was very attentive from the start, getting to know our 15 month old son and thoroughly explaining all of her evidence-based sleep knowledge making us feel like we were in very good hands. Mary say down with us to understand our thoughts and concerns and then developed a well thought-out and personal sleep plan for our son.  Our experience with the actual training couldn't have gone more smoothly!  Thanks to Mary's understanding of what we were comfortable with, what we wanted for our son, and her education on the subject, our son went from getting up 4-5 times both waking and looking for a bottle to 3 days later to sleeping through the night for the first time!  It was such an unbelievable success!  Overall, we went from a child who screamed any time we would go near his room and would take 2 hours to get to sleep while waking 4-5 times a night to a baby who is happy and rested, has a schedule and now voluntarily walks to his room every night!  We are amazed and so grateful for Mary and would happily recommend her to any other sleep-deprived parents and babies!



-Jennifer, Mom to 15 month old

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mary.  At our wits end (and exhausted) with a 4.5 year old and 5 month old in our bed each night, Mary helped us to devise a strategy to gently, empathetically coach our older son to sleep on his own. Within 2 weeks, our son was sleeping through the whole night in his OWN bed.  The process was amazingly smooth and really fit the needs of our family.  Mary took the time to listen to our concerns, identify the core sleep issues, and develop a plan that was appropriate for our son which we felt we could execute.  The customized sleep plan was key as we'd been scouring the internet on sleepless nights, talking to friends who'd been there, but none of the strategies really worked in the long term for us until we worked w/ Mary.  Mary continued to support us through the process with ideas for how to deal with specific problems. We are now about 2 months in to the best sleep we've had in a long time!

-Kim, Mom to 5 month old and 4.5 year old

Mary gave us lifetime tools needed to help with my sons sleep habits and was extremely supportive and available when implementing his sleep program. We are so thankful we found her!

-Kate, Mom to 10 month old

When we started our service with Mary, our 17 month old girl had never spent a night in her crib. Our family was expanding though and we needed to reclaim our bed. The transition was smoother than I could have ever imagined! Within two weeks our daughter was looking forward to sleeping in her crib, and is now happier in general!

-Sarah, Mom to 17 month old

My son did not sleep through the night, even at ten months! I kept reading books, trying all different methods, but nothing was working! He was still waking 3-4 times per night and my husband and I were at a total lost! I found Rest to Your Nest and got in contact with Mary. She had so much wonderful information to share with me about optimal sleeping times and environments, and I soon realized I had been clueless in my approaches! Within the first two nights of working with Mary, my son began to only wake once! Then it took a total of eight nights for him to start sleeping 11-12 hours! I can't even explain how amazing this was. I am not being dramatic when I say that Mary changed our lives!! I'm well rested and my son is a happier baby because of it! She is the reason we all are well-rested and on a great and predictable schedule!!! 

-Sara, Mom to 10 month old

-Tara, Mom to 9 month old

Thanks so much to Mary for helping us all finally get some sleep! My son started out a terrible sleeper- colic and reflux, screaming all hours of the day and night, naps no longer than 20 minutes and up 2-4 times at night. I had a night nanny whose day job was a pediatric RN, who left my house in tears because she could not get him to stop crying and go to sleep. Within about a week and a half of working with Mary, we had all finally gotten a full night sleep for the first time in 9 months. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be since Mary communicates daily by email and every few days by phone for guidance and support. This consultation was worth every penny.

I strongly recommend Mary Cantwell and Rest to your nest. I was the biggest skeptic in hiring a sleep consultant, but I can honestly say, this has been life changing for our family! Mary’s guidance and expertise were spot on in sleep training our strong willed 11 month old. We are 3 weeks in and my husband and I have been getting the most restful sleep in 11 months. Our little one has been a bit more challenging (than our daughter ever was) since birth and his overall demeanor and mood have changed (for the better) since sleep training. He is less fussy and overall happier on a day to day basis. I can’t say enough good things about our experience through this process. Mary was there every step of the way encouraging us and offering suggestions as needed. Call Mary when you are ready to sleep again!!

-Meghan, Mom to 11 month old

We battled with our 4.5 and 3 year old during bedtime over the course of two and half years! It was taking us hours to get them to bed and most nights they'd just end up in our bed...we tried everything we knew to do and finally hit a wall.  By the grace of Facebook, we discovered Rest To Your Nest and our lives were forever changed!  Mary was a delight to work with, very delicate in her approach but firm with her actions.  We will shout her name from every rooftop we can find for giving us back a peaceful and loving bedtime experience!

-Morgan, Mom to 4.5 and 3 year old

Our 2 year old had never been a good sleeper and I had fallen in the habit of co-sleeping with her.  We finally decided that we needed to get her to sleep by herself in her big girl bed since we are expecting another baby.  Mary helped us tremendously!  We had tried everything in the past friends had recommended, and Mary realized after two nights that we needed to change strategy and switch to another method.  I never in a million years thought would work for our stubborn child, but after two weeks of consistency and following her "sleep rules" she was self soothing and falling asleep early on her own. I will be forever be grateful for daily guidance and support Mary gave me during those two weeks.  It was all worth it!  Thank you for giving me my "me" time back before baby #2 arrives!

-Marisa, Mom to 2 year old

Our experience with Mary was fantastic.  She sat down with us and really listened to how our four and a half month old baby was currently sleeping and what we were comfortable with for sleep training her.  After customizing our plan for her that detailed a schedule, she was very responsive to emails in the the two weeks afterwards to see how the naps and nights were going and to answer our questions.  Within a few days we saw a huge difference in her nights (and ours...) and she is now a much better sleeper and I believe we have set up her sleep foundation for life.  Thanks Mary!

-Andrew, Dad to 4.5 month old