What ages do you work with?

Mary supports and serves family's with children from 4 months to 5 years old as they are learning their new sleep skill.  

How do I reserve a private consultation?

It is super simple!  Under private consultations, decide on the best fit for your family and click on schedule the appointment.  It will connect you to my schedule so you can book the time that works for you, complete the Intake form for your child and remit payment via the website.  After our consult, you will receive your customized sleep plan within 48 hours.  After you pick a start date to implement the plan, Mary is with you as your child learns their sleep skill.

Will you be at our home at night to implement the sleep plan?

The initial consult is either at your home or over the phone.  Mary will be there to support and guide your family via phone and email as you implement your child's sleep plan.  She does not go in the home to implement the plan because her goal is to give you the tools to navigate your child's sleep now and in the future.  There is an option under the In Home Select and Phone Select Consult that has bedtime text support as an extra level of support.

What is your sleep philosophy?

Parenting is not a one size fits all approach and neither is sleep.  Mary works with multiple methods and I recommend options available based off your child's age, parenting philosophy and lifestyle for your little one to learn sleep.  We support from direct, semi gradual to gradual methods.  There is no judgement!